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Minutes of SOSAHIB Meeting

Date: 09/27/20


Attendance: Dr. Adepoju, Mr. Ojediran, Mrs. Sowande, Mrs. Deolu Osota, Mr. Sofela, Pastor

Olusanya, Mrs. Omotoso, Dr. Faokunla, Mr. Soneye, Mrs. Jegede, Mrs. Ipaye, Dr. Alarape, Mrs


  • Meeting was called to order by the chairman
  • Adepoju said the Opening Prayer
  • The chairman welcomed everyone and appreciated the attendance since March of
    Chairman recognized those that might have lost known ones to the pandemic and
    urged everyone to put them in our prayers
  • First item on the agenda was the adoption of March’s meeting minutes
    • Chairman apologized for the March meeting minutes not being available as a
      result of the Secretary being on a special assignment and was not able to get the
      minutes out in time for the meeting. Consequently, the minutes was not read
      and the chairman stated that the adoption of the March meeting would be read
      and adopted along with the minutes of the September meeting in November
  • The next item on the agenda was “Matters Arising”
    • Chairman provided an update on the deliberation on the topic of Scholarship
      discussed in March. The chairman stated that nominations were not submitted
      by the school. As a result, the award of scholarships is still outstanding pending
      the nominations from the school
    • “Capital Project” Update was provided regarding the suggestion to think of a project launch. The idea of capital project was suspended as a result of the pandemic.
    • Alternatively, the SOSAHIB North America End of the Year Award was recommended. The house gave the Executive Committee the task of coming up with ideas for the award.
    • Two major awards were contemplated:
      • Academics
        • Proposal – #10000, #15,000 & #20,000 (3 rd , 2 nd & 1 st ) = 45,000/Class
        • There are 6 classes in total multiplied by 45,000 for a total of #270,000
        • Criteria is best performance in Tests and exams
      • Best Behaved Student
        • Proposal – #20,000/class
        • There are 6 classes for a total budget of #120,000
        • Criteria is still to be developed
        • Total proposal = 270,000 + 120,000 = #390,000 or ~$1000 US
    • Proposal was presented to the entire house for feedback and comments:
      • Dr. Alarape asked for clarification on how the proposal was developed specifically around the amounts for each of the award
        • Chairman stated that the amount was determined based on our budget. He also encouraged members to make pledges if the amounts were thought to be too small. Chairman stated that Dr. Rabiu had already pledged $100/year for the next 5 years towards these awards
      • Proposal was put on the floor for adoption
        • Adepoju moved for the adoption of the proposals
        • Deolu Osota seconded
        • The entire house motioned to accept the proposal
        • Chairman stated that the Executive committee will now proceed to the execution of the proposals. Chairman stated that Dr. Aremu had declined to be involved in the governance of the scholarship. Mrs. Oladoyinbo and Mr. Oyadotun have also been added to the governing board
  • The next item on the agenda is the Website
      • The Secretary and PRO have both being looking at replacing the current Webmaster as he has not been effective. A replacement has been found and there are conversations ongoing with the replacement
  • Next item on the agenda was updates from the Membership Drive and Constitution Review Committee
    • Sofela provided the update on the activities of the membership Drive committee
      • Formal meeting of the committee had not convened due to Covid
      • Several private conversations have taken place urging everyone to reach out to their personal contacts
      • Mr. Sofela urged everyone to also reach out and recommend names that they have
    • Dr. Faokunla provided updates on the Constitution Review Committee
      • Few meetings occurred in 2019
      • Changes were suggested
      • Pastor Fijabi has the changes
      • Chairman will reach out to Pastor Fijabi for the changes
  • Next Topic was “Houston Reunion”
    • No update from the people from Houston
    • Mr. Sofela spoke to Olu State last week. He confirmed that plans are in the works according to Olu State
  • Next Topic “Financial Report”
    • Treasurer provided her report:
      • Beg of the year Balance was $16,192.18
      • Total Dues collected thus far in the year is $1550 + a Canadian check of $400
      • Total expenditure = $420
      • Balance was $17,322.08 + $400 Canadian check
      • Treasurer urged every to pay up as only 6 members have only paid their dues for the year
  • Next Topic “General”
    • Dr. Adepoju expressed his gratitude for the assistance rendered to his family during the kidnapping of his wife
    • Chairman updated the house that the School principal, Mr. Olukitibi was retiring
    • Dr. Adepoju has just released another book
    • Mrs. Jegede celebrated her birthday
    • Dr. Rabiu’s 4th Son has gotten married in Europe
  • Congratulations to all!!!
  • Faokunla moved for adjournment and Mrs. Jegede seconded
  • Sowande said the last prayer