We, the old students of Iwo Baptist High School in North America are organized, committed and affirm our stewardship duty and responsibility to pursue the progress of our Alma Mater, current students and the membership of this Association.

We do hereby resolve to constitute SOSAHIB, NA.  bound by the following ByLaws

Article 1: Name of Association

The name of the Association shall be “Iwo Baptist High School Old Students Association” (SOSAHIB, NA) pursuant to the not-for-profit Law of the United States of America.

The provisions of these by-laws shall be binding on all members of this association

Article 2: Vision, Mission and Core Values


’To create a conducive atmosphere for learning and promote the welfare and image of Baptist High School Iwo.’


Make time to support the students and leadership of the school with their improvements effort.

Provide necessary support in human material and financial resources to the school for development.

Provide scholarship for indigent students.

Core Values:

1. Transparency

2. Honesty

3. Commitment

4. Dedication

5. Integrity

6. Respect

Goals and Objectives:

1. Work collaboratively with the school authorities and student body to foster progress of the school

2. Initiate modest, but tangible tasks, activities, and projects to assist the school and students

3. Socialize work of association with other old students and encourage participation

4. Celebrate with members during private and professional accomplishments and offer support in trying and troubled times

5. Acknowledge positive influence of previous principals and other staff members

6. Seek and cooperate with other old students’ associations in Nigeria and other parts of the world to accomplish vision and mission

7. Act in a transparent manner in the conduct of the affairs of the alumni body

Article 3: Membership

Section 3.1 Lifetime Membership

Lifetime membership shall be opened and extended to all former students residing anywhere in North America with the following conditions:

1. Attended Baptist High School, Iwo

2. Accepts the Bye Laws of the association;

3. Has no affiliations to any association that is antagonistic to the interests and welfare ofthe school

4. Pays the prescribed membership fees and monthly dues (Good Standing)

Section 3.2 Honorary Membership

Upon sponsorship or recommendation of a member in good standing*, the general Membership may confer honorary membership upon individuals who will benefit the association upon a recommendation of the chairman to the Executive Committee and subsequently to the general membership.

All members that fulfill all their responsibilities that include but not limited to Financial and participation shall be known as member in “Good standing”

Article 4: Membership Dues and Funds

The sources of funds for the Association shall include but not limited to:

1. Membership dues, donations, levies, fund-raising and subscriptions.

2. Grants from Federal, States, and City Agencies as well as foundations

3. Fines and penalties

Article 5: Officers

The officers of the Association shall consist of:

1. Chairman

2. Vice-Chairman

3. General Secretary

4. Assistant Secretary

5. Treasurer

6. Financial Secretary

7. Publicity/Social Secretary

8. Auditor

9. Legal Adviser

Section 5.1 Term of office:

All offices of the association shall be for a two-year term. However, same officer may be re-elected to one consecutive term to the same office.

Section 5.2 Removal from Office:

Any officer of the association may be removed for “Cause”  by a vote of the two third majorities of the members after due process.

Section 5.3 Vacancy:

When an office becomes vacant except for that of the chairman, the Chairman shall fill the vacancy upon consultation with the Executive Committee. Upon consultation with the Executive Committee, the chairman shall inform the general house full house via email or social media.  The Chairman has the final “Say” such appointment shall be made within one month and shall be effective until the end of the unexpired term of office.

Article 6: Duties/Functions of Officers

Section 6.1 Chairman

1. The Chairman shall preside over all general and executive meetings.He/she shall have general charge and responsibility for the affairs of the association. He/she shall be a signatory to all association’s accounts and documents, when feasible.

2. The Chairman shall have the authority to speak on behalf of the association provided he/she exercises fair judgment as to the extent of agreement of his/her views with the majority of the association members and honors the intent of the charter of the association.

3. The Chairman shall consult with Executive Committee on any substantial action he/she has to take on behalf of the association, unless in an emergency. Thereafter he/she shall obtain approval of such action the next meeting of the Executive Committee or general meeting whichever comes first.

4. The Chairman, in the absence of any other officer, shall appoint a member in good standing, to fill in for that office.  Such appointment shall be for a temporary period until the elected officer returns to duty or a replacement is elected.

5. The Chairman shall be ex-officio of all Standing Committees

Section 6.2 Vice-Chairman

1. The Vice-Chairman, shall perform the duties of the Chairman in the absence or disability of the chairman.

2. The Vice-Chairman shall assist the Chairman in all his/her duties.

3. In the event of vacancy in the office of the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman shall immediately assume the office, until the next scheduled election.

4. The Vice-Chairman shall perform such other duties as the office may require at the request of the Chairman.

Except where it is not possible, the offices of the Chairman and Vice Chairman will be split between United States and Canada

Section 6.3 General Secretary

It shall be the duty of the General Secretary to:

1. Be the custodian of all Association’s records

2. Keep current, the association’s registration and legal documents

3. Record and keep all proceedings of the general and executive meetings.

4. Present the minutes of the previous meeting, if need be, at each meeting.

5. Keep meeting attendance

6. Be a signatory to all association’s documents and records.

Section 6.3.1 Assistant Secretary

The Assistant Secretary will discharge the duties of the office of the General Secretary when the General Secretary in unavailable or incapacitated.

Section 6.4 Treasurer

It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to:

1. Receive monies only from the Financial Secretary and to deposit all assessments, dues, monies, and funds on behalf of the association into an account designated by the Executive Committee within two business days after collection.

2. Make disbursements as instructed and keep regular accounts of all receipts and payments in suitable books provided for that purpose which shall be available at all reasonable times for the inspection of the membership.

3. Receive, hold, and safely keep as custodian of and on behalf of the association those properties and physical assets which may come into the ownership, possession, or control of the association.

4. Be a signatory to the association’s account.

5. Perform such other duties as the office may require Hand over checkbooks to another signatory designated by the Chairman.If he/she is incapacitated or traveling out of the country for more than one week.

6. The Treasurer shall present a financial report at the end of each year at one of the meetings.

Section 6.5 Financial Secretary

1. The Financial Secretary shall collect and keep record of all association’s dues and levies.

2. The Financial Secretary shall hand over all funds and monies collected to the Treasurer immediately and not later than 72 hours of such collection.

3. The Financial Secretary shall give the financial report of the association at all general meetings.

4. The Financial Secretary shall hand over books to the Chairman if he/she is incapacitated or is traveling out of the country for more than a month.

Section 6.6 Publicity/Social Secretary

1. The Publicity Secretary shall be responsible for all media relations of the association and its activities.

2. Liaise with the public at large on behalf of the association.To this end, work closely with the Chairman and any affected standing or special purpose committee.

3. The Social Secretary shall be responsible for the co-ordination of all social functions of the association.

Section 6.6 Legal Adviser

1. Guide the association on issues concerning the interpretation of the provisions of the bylaws.

2. Guide the Executive committee in taking decision which are not against the provisions of the bylaws or other statutory matters.

3. Counsel the Association on all legal matters.

Section 6.7 Auditor

1. Be a volunteer Accountant

2. Not a member of the Executive Committee

3. Be responsible to the general meeting

4. Examine relevant financial documents

5. Submit a financial report of the association to the Executive Committee for discussion and approval at least a month before the AGM and shall attend the Annual General meeting at which the report is presented.

Article 7: Standing Committees:

The following standing committees shall make up the bye-laws offices and portfolios.

Section 7.1 Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees will serve as a body of elders to provide advice to the Executive committee.  The primary charter of the Board of Trustees shall be to mediate and resolve all escalations of the Executive Committee.  Each member shall be elected to a term of  6 years by the current executive committee.  All prior and current Chairman will have a permanent seat on the board.

The composition of the Board of Trustees will include the following standing members:

1. TBD

2. TBD

3. TBD

4. TBD

5. TBD

Section 7.2 Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall consist of all the officers of the association.  The collective responsibilities of the Executive Committee shall include:

1. Deal with all matters of policy which affect the


2. Administer the affairs of the association

3. Execute actions deemed necessary to maintain the

integrity of the Bylaws of the association

4. Execute the goals and objectives of the


5. Approve all publications

6. Make regular reports to the house.

7. Resolve conflicts among members

8. Present budget to the house

9. Ensure the scheduling of an annual audit

Section 7.3 Welfare Committee

1. Saddled with all aspects relating to the welfare of members and their families, the school and her officers and inform and advice the association, members or Executive on matters of welfare as may seem expedient or appropriate in the circumstances.

2. Be responsible for periodic briefing on issues concerning the school and the students which should be addressed by the association.

3. Be responsible for opening an avenue for dialogue on issues concerning the association and the school and other agencies.

Section 7.4 Disciplinary Committee

Hold disciplinary hearings on matters that constitute unacceptable conduct or behaviors of members as initiated by the Executive committee

Section 7.5 Ad-Hoc Committees

This shall be constituted from time to time as the need arises.

Article 8: Election of Officers

There shall be an election of officers to be held every two (2) years at the Annual general meeting of the association’s financial year.  Voting shall be secret ballot and the candidate with a simple majority shall be deemed elected

Section 8.1 Vacancy

Where there exists a vacancy by virtue of the issues raised in Articles X (3), x(4), x(5) below , a by-election be conducted at the next general meeting of the Association to fill such a vacancy.

Article 9: Tenure of Office

1. Officers of the association shall hold office for a period of two (2) years at a time or until their successors are duly elected.

2. No Officer in the same capacity for more than two (2) consecutive years.

3. Notwithstanding, the provisions of article 7.1 above, the Association shall have the powers to remove any officer who in its opinion is found wanting either in the carrying out of his/her duties or due to some misconduct unacceptable to members of the Association.

4. The removal of an officer shall be subject to the approval of not less than two-thirds (2/3) majority of all financial members present at a special meeting during which such a measure is being considered, provided that the officer so affected shall be granted adequate and fair hearing.

6. A member of the executive or any committee shall cease to be a member, where he gives notice of his intention to that effect or where he becomes permanently incapable of performing his assigned duties or where he has relocated outside the domain of the association or is deceased.

Article 10:  Power of Executives

1. The Executive Committee is empowered to act for and on behalf of the Association

2. The Ex-co shall recommend levies and contributions payable by members subject to the approval of the General Meeting.

3. The Ex-co may appoint Ad-hoc Committee or individuals to carry out specific functions for the association.

4. The Ex-co shall engage Workmen, Adviser(s), and reputable bank(s) on behalf of the Association.

5. The Chairman shall act as the Chief Executive Officer of the Association, and is the Custodian of all forms of property, moveable or immovable that belong to the Association.

6. The Chairman shall have and render a casting vote in case of a tie during a voting exercise.

Article 11: Finance

The primary sources of the Association’s finances shall be:

1. Annual Dues

2. Special levies on members

3. Donations

Any other fund-raising activities as approved by Executive Committee of the Association.

Every member shall pay annual subscription currently set in the sum of Two Hundred Dollars ($200) which consecutive quarters of the Association’s fiscal year.

The Association shall be free to receive donations from its members or other bodies to enable it fulfill its goals and objectives.

Upon a resolution passed at a general meeting, the Association shall be free to make special levies on its members to enable it fulfill its goals and objectives.

a). The Association shall operate Checking and Savings accounts

The signatories to the accounts of the Association shall be categorized into two

Category A, and Category B, detailed as follows:

1)  The Chairman “A”

2)  The Secretary “B”

3)  The Treasurer “B”

The Signing mandate for the accounts of the Association shall be that one of group A, and one of group B must sign on all occasions.

Receipts shall be issued by the Financial Secretary for all payments to the Association.

Bankers of the Association shall be a reputable bank.

Financial year of the Association shall begin on 1st of August through July 31st of the following year.

Article 12: Meetings

A general meeting of the Association shall be held every other month via telephone conference.

A general convention meeting shall be held every other year (bi-annual) at location predetermined by the executive committee. The convention venue and would be communicated to the general membership a year in advance.

The Executive Committee may convene an emergency general meeting of the Association as and when necessary.

The Executive Committee shall meet at least one week prior to the general meeting.  Such meeting shall be held as a Conference call.

The purpose of the functions of the Annual General meeting shall be.:

1. To elect officers as may be necessary.

2. To receive and consider Annual reports of the Executive Committee.

3. To review the bylaws.

4. To review any other matters that arise.

Article 13: Quorum

At a general meeting, seven (7) members shall form a quorum.

Four members of the Executive committee including the Chairman and the Secretary shall constitute a quorum for a meeting of the Executive committee.

Article 14: Amendments to the bye-laws

A motion to amend the by-laws shall be made by any member in good standing in writing to the Secretariat at least one month before the general meeting at which such motion is to be considered.

The Secretary shall inform members of the nature of the motion prior to the general meeting.

The Annual General Meeting or the General Meeting at which the motion is to be considered shall have the power to repeal, add or amend all or any of the provisions of the bylaws provided a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the members present at a meeting to pass the substantive motion in support of the amendment.


Every member shall aspire to maintain a high standard of discipline, and good behavior at all meetings and out of meeting.  Members who misbehave shall be liable to disciplinary action on the recommendations of the disciplinary committee.

Social Activities:

Two or more days shall be set aside by the Association in each year for social activities.  These may include games and other fun activities.


Decisions on ordinary and non-elective matters shall be by simple majority vote.  Each “member in good standing” shall have one vote except for the Chairman who shall have a casting vote.