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FUND RAISING - Baptist High School Iwo Old Students Association
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Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me a great pleasure to congratulate you on establishing this association some years ago and watching it become a strong beacon of hope and source of giving back to our alma mater. While, some of us were there at the start, and missing some along the way, we are excited that others have joined us to continue the good work. By design, this association is a big tent for all old students, regardless of their class set and we are glad that we can now boast of old students from 1963 to the 2000s. Meanwhile, the need to give back cannot be over-emphasized and no matter how much we give back, we should remember that some people made it possible for us to get educated at the Baptist High School, Iwo, and we should be happy to do the same for the current students, so that they can also sow the seed and learn the value of giving back. In view of this, I want to thank those who have been supporting this association and our initiatives and to encourage us not to give up in encouraging those that have left to come back and join hands with us, just as we should continue to seek out new members that are scattered around North America. There is joy in giving especially, if the recipients cannot repay you. That’s the philosophy of philanthropy and we should remember that there’s nothing that we have that has not been given to us by someone, somehow, somewhere, be it our parents, guardians, governments, employers, our new home countries and most importantly our maker, who has given us the very breadth and life we now enjoy. Read More